ICDL(Base, Intermediate, Advanced)

ICDL(Base, Intermediate, Advanced)

ICDL(Base, Intermediate, Advanced)

ICDL (International Computer Driving License) is a global computer literacy program developed to raise the level of knowledge about Information. Technology (IT) and increase the level  of competence in using personal computers and common computer applications. ICDL consists of 7 modules:

Module 1: Basic Concepts of Information Technology

Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files

Modules 3: Word Processing

Modules 4: Spreadsheets

Module 5 : Database

Module 6: Presentation

Module 7: Information and Communication

Who is it for?

This programme is for anyone who needs to demonstrate to an international standard that they are fully competent in the use of pc, common computer applications and that they know the essential concepts of IT. It is suitable for JSS3 –SS3 Students, Undergraduates and Graduates.

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